25 November 2014

Feeling down, feeling positive..

I'm feeling a bit down right now..
Too much workload, feels like running away and then my master application been rejected..
But there is still some hope after they said that I still can make appeal.. :)
So I'll try my best for the appeal as I really wanted to improve our environmental management here, especially for agriculture practise in Malaysia..
And for the past few months, I used to share all my problems with someone..
But because of some reasons, since yesterday, we stop contacting each other for a while..
I never know that I'll be this lost and emotionally unstable..haha
I guess that person already plays important role in my life..
Hopefully everything will be fine for both of us.. :)

HAND Fadhilah! :D

p/s:please forgive my bad grammar..haha


Ujie said...

Siapakah insan itu??? Weweet..

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

hehe..kawan kak ujie..kawan.. :)

Time Traveller said...

Jeng jeng jeng.... sambungan seterusnya..:D

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

sambungan die yg dekat 9 disember tu..hehe :P