10 January 2014

hello 2014 :)

alhamdulillah, its already 2014.. :) start the year with good news, bonus, salary increament and more to come..insyaAllah ;) i hope that this year will be more n more improvement, physically and most important, spiritually..lot of new things to explore, to learn, to understand, about my job, my body condition, my pet, etc..n this year too, will be the year of all my bff from matrix, end their single life..many closed friend(including my ex) also will getting married..may Allah bless all of us, bring us to a better path, make us become a better muslim through all the experience that will happen this year afterward..

another thing, i'll try to write more frequent, since i've already get myself a new laptop..seems like i can't manage to maintain the dream to have all white gadget anymore..huhuhu  :')

that's all for now..will comeback later..daaaaa :)

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