08 March 2013

Dear Kakak2 & Abang2

I have quite a big family..7 siblings including me..
I'm the youngest, and gap between me with the eldest is 16 years..
while the gap between me with no. 6 is 4 years..
to be the last one, with big age gap..
I like to observe things that my brothers and sisters done..
kak jan, kak da, bang pip, bang budin, kak inah,kak epah..
each one of them have things that they are good at..
sometimes I make decision based on my brothers and sisters life experienced..
in a good way, it can reduce the chance of doing the same mistake..
but sometimes, it makes me become paranoid..
too scared to be an adult because I've seen too much..
dear kakak2 & abang2, please be a good role model to me..
show me only the good side of life.. :')


Ujie said...

Ramai mcm akak jugak...tambah lg 2org.
Akak anak ketujuh, jarak dgn lagi dua adik...masing2 5 thn.

Elok jugak kan, pglmn yg lain boleh jd panduan hidup.

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

saya rasa ni bkn panduan hidup dh ni kak ujie..saye ni dh tahap takut nk hidup klau dgr pengalaman diorg..huhu