11 May 2012

i am confirm =)

today will be the 2nd time i register the pesticide for my company..i started to love this job since the first day..reading journals and calculate the formulation, the efficacy, the usage, toxicity data, the residue and many more..i know it will be more challenging from time to time..especially the queries  part from Pesticide Board of Malaysia..but still it is something that i enjoy the most..using my knowledge that i got through hard time during my degree in UMT, it such a good payback to the community..im just hoping that all the pesticides that i've register(and will register) wont bring harm to the ecosystem in Malaysia..i dont want to repeat the same story as happened by using DDTs long time ago..i am confirm started from this month, and will serve the company for another 2-3 years..so for now, just want to focus on my job as i dont have other commitment..not anymore..

p/s:need to improve my english..please tell me if u notice any grammatical error.. =)


Ujie said...

register pesticide? yg formula baru ke?

*akak pun lemah grammar..

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

register pesticide yg nk d jual d malaysia..stp pesticide nk d jual either new product or new brand mst berdaftar dgn pesticide board..tp klau yg new formulation tu mmg sgt tough la..sye xsmpai thap tu ag..hehe

NOOR FATIN said...

gudluck fadh ;D

aku xpenah buat entry dalam bahasa inggeris. hoho :P

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

try la fatin..ak nie pn klau entri bi je mst pendek2..haha

~~oOpEt~~ said...

fadh.. keje ke? eh.. pesticide kn agriculture based.. y? haha

*terkejut aku jmpe komen fadh XD

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

xsemestinye agriculture je..hehe
ha'a keje..ko kne tgk post ak yg bln 1 klau nk tau keje ak.. =)