23 May 2012

10 reasons i cant hate him.. =)

last 2 weeks, something had happened to me, to my 3y on-off relationship..
thanks to all my friends that concern much and give me moral support..
even though they are not beside me to lend their shoulder, but i still appreciate the time they spent to hear/read my problem and the words they shared to make me happy.. :')
some of them told me to avoid hear sad or love song, look at the things that had memories with him etc. unfortunately, that is the thing that i cant do because most of my daily routine also related to him..and because of that reason, i cant really hate him like i want to..haha
so here is the list of 10 reasons why i cant hate him:

1-i have a chronic asthmatic problem that need me to use a preventer inhaler every day and night, 2x inhale each time........and the last time i got the inhaler was last month..with him..so how do i inhale day and night for another 2 months if i hate him..hating will only reminding me more to him..and i choose not to hate him.. =)

2-the lcd monitor that i use now was bought with him..and he's the one that carried it from low yat to fahrenheit..and its too expensive for me to throw it away..or to 'hempuk' it..haha..just deal with the feeling so that i can use it for a good reason.. =)

3-my moisturizer..yeah~ also bought with him last month..and it still have half of the jar..

4-my sunglasses, i should buy the new one because it become 'kembang' after he used it..but i just love it and as a sentimental lady, hey i bought it together with naemah..i will never ever throw that sunglasses..haha

5-my favourite jeans..ok like others, also bought with him..past few years..cant remember the exact date anymore..

6-my playlist, my pictures..most of it are from him..too lazy to download..haha

7-my favourite places, foods, things..i shared almost everything(just the idea actually..haha) with him..if i hate him, like i said before, it will remind me every time i want to do something that i love..i dont want to scarifies those things..no..its a big NO..

8-my password..im not using his name..but the password is still related..and it is a strong password..too many changes that i need to do since im using it for many accounts..

9-memories..i choose not to hate him because he's part of my life..even i just knew him for only 5 years..but that is my life..too many memories that i need to delete if i choose to hate him.. =)

10-experience.. experience is the best teacher..and i thank him for giving me this kind of experience..so that i can improve myself and be a better me in the future..thank you.. =)

p/s:no more 'pelangi saya warna hijau' tag after this.. =)


~~oOpEt~~ said...

10 reasons y terbaik.. that y u will never hate him :) lgi baik jgn benci.. kn fadh.. just let it go :)

Ujie said...

Bagusla gitu...rasa benci cuma buat beban pd hati..diri terseksa sndiri. Anggapla itu sekolah cinta buat diri.

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

pet-ha'a..benci2 wt ssah diri je..hehe

kak ujie-mak saya pn ckp cmtu..n bile xbenci org ni tido pn lena je stp mlm..hehe

~~oOpEt~~ said...

kan.. even bff aku pun aku malas nk benci.. wlapn kata2 dye dh ckup buat aku rsa dri aku sampah y disepak2 tepi jln -.-"

NOOR FATIN said...

aku benci tak, sayang tak. cuma xamik tau dahhh. hehehe untung dpt org psitif. malang kalau dpt org negatif ;)