18 November 2011

my life after 2 months i officially...'single'?

suppose that i wrote this entry on 14th nov 2011..
but seems like i dont really aware of this date..haha

n at first i've planned to make this entry after a month i officially became 'single'..
(r u sure fadhilah dat u r single rite now??haha =p)
but at that moment, my heart still in denial..
looks ok on the outside..but honestly its super duper extremely not ok!!
so after two months..im happy :)
i've learned from my mistakes..
previously i always wanted a caring-but-dont-be-so-romantic-but-plez-be-unexpected-romantic bf..
i feel a bit jealous when im not a priority to compare to his friends..
i'm trying so hard not to disturb him but hoping so hard too that he will give me atleast 1 simple msg/day..if not, i felt like forgotten..
all those things may look simple and normal to others couples..
but yes, we are not a normal couple..
so, after i've made a decision to break..
everyday i pray that i'll expect less..MYOB and i'll do mine..
and most importantly, learn to accept him as what he is..
now..i feel more relax and happy..
i dont have to wait everyday but im waiting for 1 BIGDAY of my life..
it still a long journey..nobody knows what will happen in the future..
but i hope we'll find our happiness..

p/s:thanx for being a good 'friend' for a moment.. :)

p/s/s: i dont want this entry sound 'jiwang', that's why i wrote it in english..=p


NOOR FATIN said...

kalau ada jodoh xkemana fadh :)

aku doakan!

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

Hehe..segan plak ak..ni sume majalah remaja punya psal la..wt artikel psal kne hargai org yg syg kte..dh ak t'feeling jgak.. :p