06 April 2015

it has been so long ...

It has been so long since i last update my blog..huhu..
too busy adapting my self to the new environment..
thinking of writing my blog back, so that i can trace back my journey..hehe..
currently i'm a full time master student in uitm, taking MSc Crop Protection..

received my offer letter just few days before the registration day,
i need to make a hard decision whether to work or pursue my study..
and after discuss with my parent, i've decided to give 24h notice..
unfortunately my resign letter has been rejected by my boss..haha
but after several discussion with the administration, both parties (me and company) have decided to accept 1 month notice, and let me come to office just on my free day..
so every monday, wednesday morning and friday i go to work, 
while the other days i go to class..
hopefully everything go smooth, and my last day in this company 
wouldn't cause any problems to my colleagues..

p/s: i have test tomorrow but i forgot to bring any of my notes..huhu

30 December 2014

Stress vs Psoriasis

hujung tahun ni, terlalu banyak kerja dipejabat pabila senior dan juga junior aku berhenti kerja serentak..jadi muka ni la buat pendaftaran, muka ni la buat label, muka ni juga la yang kena cek formulation tuk kilang..minggu lepas sampai menangis setiap malam sebab tak dapat tahan stress kerja..dan sebagai seorang pesakit psoriasis, stress dan psoriasis umpama kembar siam yang tak dapat dipisahkan..bila kulit makin teruk, nk duduk pun jadi tak selesa, makin bertambah stress..semalam dah ada budak baru masuk..jumaat ni ada lagi seorang nak masuk..harap-harap beban kerja akan berkurang la nanti..

18 December 2014



Am I still your friend?